22 Oct

I’m so, so sorry that it has taken me this long to get to writing this post. Especially to the men of Jocelyn. What happened was that for like the 8th time this month, wordpress ate the article I wrote on them and I got so frustrated I gave up. I also work in retail. For any of you that have ever worked in retail, you know that Christmas is well underway. As a manager my hours have been extremely crazy and I’ve been neglecting my secret life as Penny Lane.

But here I am!

I met Alex of Jocelyn after the Boys Like Girls show. I have a fascination hard-working up and coming bands. (Ahem, GBC, ahem) and we talked a little bit. Basically, they’re following tours to meet fans and get their music out there. Alex had me at “2 guys living out of a civic”. That is dedication. And like GBC the summer I first met Jonnie, it seems they have had some major road-bumps. I figured after seeing the picture to the left (and comment to tell a friend about them) that now was definitely a good time to share. My rough draft reviewed their latest EP, “To You and Yours” song by song, but rather than do that, I’ll just say they have that classics pop-punk sound. Mainly they remind me of All-Time Low with vocal similarities of Artist Vs. Poet.

I think what really sets this band apart is their dedication to meeting their fans and spreading their music. Yes, yes all bands have to do this at the beginning but what struck me is when I was speaking to Alex he said, “we have an interesting story… well… interesting marketing plan.” As an ex-COM major, that was intriguing and of course I had him explain. They have a band phone number that fans can call or text. Of course I tried it out, and they answered almost immediately. That is REALLY FREAKIN COOL! And I think that shows extreme dedication to their fans. They are totally worth checking out. And even if you’re a broke kid like me, their EP is available on Spotify, which, don’t forget, does pay the artists every time you listen. Definitely keep an eye out for these guys! And check out their facebook group. The link is at the top of this post. See if you can still catch them on tour!

While I’m telling you what to do, I have to make a shameless plug for ya’ll to check out GBC’s new video! It’s got little baby skaters and a foam pit. What else could you want? Awesome song? Got that too.



The Ready Boys Like Rejects

27 Sep

This is attempt number 3. It took me a couple days to come back to it because I was so frustrated. September 23rd, I saw The Ready Set, Boys Like Girls, and All-American Rejects at Rams Head Live.

Let me do the venue/ crowd first. I was actually pretty impressed. Rams Head Live in Baltimore reminded me of a mix between Electric Factory in Philly and the 9:30 Club in DC. There were two levels like 9:30, but it felt like less of a cave and was more spacious like the Electric Factory. The guards were nice (I mean, as nice as guards are going to be) and everyone seemed to be on their game keeping people in/ out of where they were/ weren’t supposed to be. The press girls at this show were a little obnoxious. I was making small-talk with one and asked her how she got the passes. She looked me up and down and said, “I’m legit.” Ok. Good for you, don’t be rude. The only thing weird about this venue was that they were extremely strict about camera usage. They wouldn’t let anyone record video on a camera, but apparently phones were ok, which I don’t get. And when I met the All-American Rejects, they wouldn’t let anyone take pictures. That was the only let-down of an otherwise perfect evening, since I’m of the opinion that pictures are worth more than autographs.

The Ready Set

The Ready Set came on first. Jordan Witzigreuter is a fantastic performer. It really reminded me of a more sober Never Shout Never (go to this post if you’re interested about my thoughts on his performance.) I swear the way Jordan jumps around on stage is infectious. Even if you weren’t a huge fan like I am, you’d have to enjoy and want to dance with him. I was a little surprised he didn’t do Hollywood Dream, but maybe that’s just me. I was VERY surprised at his drum cover of Gangnam Style at the end of his new song Carry Me Home… I didn’t take this video but I just wanted people to see. I also have Carry Me Home stuck in my head and it’s killing me (with love). Ended with Love Like Woe (no surprises there) but what was cool is he did a really awesome version of it that sounded like an un-acoustic acoustic version. Click that link to get an idea, because it’s a little hard to explain. He’s also good, clean fun. Very age appropriate for the audience. And just adorable.

Martin performing on the barricade

I have to be totally honest in saying that I was really there for Boys Like Girls. That band was such a HUGE part of my life in high school. You know how best friends have songs? One of my many songs with my Wifey was Great Escape– I quoted it on my senior page in my year book. I also saw them on my 18th birthday with Cartel and Cobra Starship. However, let me be honest again in saying that they really were NOT very good live five years ago. I don’t know if they went to classes or were having an off night that night or what but their performance this time was one of the best crowd interactions I have EVER seen. The difference was incredible. Martin not only interacted with but COMMANDED the crowd. When they did Life of The Party he actually controlled the volume of the crowd. I have never seen that actually work. They sang happy birthday to three girls in the crowd, and brought one girl on stage to sing Two Is Better Than One. Combining Thunder with a medley of their old stuff with Some Nights by FUN was genius… but what was actually cooler was that Martin insisted that everyone put their cameras and phones away and just enjoy the moment. Again, this isn’t my video, but here’s a little idea of what that was like. AGH and I am so bummed… there are NO videos of them mashing Love Drunk with Hey Jude by the Beatles. Normally, I hate when bands try anything with the Beatles but this was actually incredible. A perfect finale. Having them hang out in front of the barricade and meat the fans that could grab them and take pictures with them was pretty awesome too. I think they’re happy to be back.

All-American Rejects

If anything can be said about All-American Rejects it’s that they have staying power. I remember Swing, Swing from very early High School. I’ve never been a super-fan of their’s or anything, but I’ve always enjoyed them and I’m honestly a little surprised I’ve never seen them before, although it is a possibility they were at one of the many Warped Tours I’ve been to. Again, Tyson definitely has a great stage presence, and actually reminded me of some of the weirder aspects of Never Shout Never. (He performed an entire song lying down on the drum platform). I thought it was a little weird how many young kids were there to see them and even mentioned to their guitar player when I met them how I thought I’d actually be one of the youngest. His answer made a lot of sense- they were touring with the likes of The Ready Set to bring in the younger fans. At their show this past spring when they were here with “different people” (I should have asked who) the crowd was a lot older. I would definitely see them again. Move Along and I Wanna were worth the trip alone. Also, I totally did not mind the $20 to meet them. It came with a CD that I had autographed. That’s nothing to meet a band you’ve been listening to for 10 years. If they could keep me jumping up and down in Tom’s on concrete for that last hour, I have to say they did their job well.

On my way out of the venue, two cool things happened. 1. I ran into a basement kid! Miguel has a new band called The Baby Grand. Please go check them out as a favor to me and my local music scene. He was in Unless Your Willing and I used to see the kid play like once a week. 2. I met Alex from Jocelyn. I’ll be reviewing their EP on my next post which I may be doing in like 5 minutes so I won’t get into that but check them out too!

OMG I finished this whole thing and it was not deleted. Caroline is a happy girl!


Warped 2012 Review

25 Jul

Guys. I swear it gets better every year.

I’m going to start this review off with my only two complaints so I can get to how awesome yesterday was:

1. Was it just me or was the Merriweather staff really, really mean? I have NEVER, ever been spoken to by concert staff the way I was spoken to yesterday. And let me reiterate, it was the Merriweather staff. Not being let into the pavilion to see Mayday OR All Time Low was stupid enough but the way I was barked at was ridiculous. We were all there to have a good time, nobody was fighting or anything. Let me see my band!

2. The signings this year were just awkward. Didn’t really effect my day any but I liked it a lot better when they were at their own tents and the bands controlled it. I’m still not even sure how people got passes to go. I ended up not even going to WTK’s signing but it’s cool.

And there ends complaining.

Ok so I guess I should just start at the beginning. First of all, bringing 3 cans was totally worth it. Skip the line wristbands are your friend and you’re feeding children. Everybody wins. Mr. Kevin Lyman himself was making sure people were in the same line. I, of course, went running after him with my card to let him know that all I wanted to do in life was work for Warped and film it. He told me to email him in the fall with my ideas. I seriously almost died. I will totally take him up on that. And honestly, I’m super impressed with this guy runs his stuff. He’s not chillin in a fancy RV but he’s out there with the bands and the crew. I respect him so much for that.

As soon as I got in, I beelined to the schedule balloon thing. Wrote every band down that I wanted to see and immediately lost the paper. Got distracted by We The Kings‘ tent. Went over to find out about signings. Just lalala talking to their merch guy. Travis is just casually in his King Travis tent. I swear waiting in that line to meet him was the smartest plan of the day since I never did make it to their group signing. He remembered me! I guess that happens after a while/ if someone asks for your handwriting to get ink. He is seriously the nicest guy. Image

After that magical moment, I went off on a hunt for The Groundbreaking Ceremony. I had only ever met Jonnie so I was pleasantly surprised when Scott knew who I was and said that I better have brought them 6 flesh lights.  Which I didn’t. Got the time for their show, a shirt, cd, and wristband and then randomly street teamed for my friend Matt’s friend’s band I Call Fives. They were super nice too and I got a free CD  from them for helping which was totally unexpected. Currently putting their CD on my computer, but I checked out their acoustic set before I saw Mayday, and they seem to have quite a following, so check them out! Elevator Music was my favorite of their’s. Totally forgot to see Newfound Glory. Woops.

Mayday Parade and All Time Low I’m going to lump into the same thing because both were great (to listen to) but I can say nothing about how the show was because of the beetches who were holding a lock down on the pavilion. They all did all the songs I wanted to hear from them and all that. I just wish I could have SEEN them especially since the last time I saw All Time Low was like a zillion years ago in a basement. Also, SO happy I got my All Time Low Orioles shirt. Hashtag Maryland!!!

The set of the day that I was most excited to see was GBC. Those guys seriously know how to rock. Thought their drummer, Dirk, was going to die at one point after a particularly vicious drum solo because it was about 100 degrees. But they were awwwwwesome!!! I’d been waiting a year to see them, and they definitely lived up to my expectations. I’m telling you people, go get their CDs. Buy them on itunes. Get their merch. Love them. And just really cool guys. Extremely entertaining watching my friend, Emily, talk Penn State with Jonnie through his megaphone. Don’t Be A Dream is my personal favorite.


Yellowcard was as incredible as I remembered. I shrieked like I was 14 and crowd surfed to Only One. Got dropped on my tail bone and was tempted to just fall asleep in the middle of the crowd, but the people at Merriweather are really good at picking stupid little crowd surfing girls back up and throwing them. Ended with Ocean Avenue. Loved it. Very nostalgic for me. I also dropped off at their merch tent the documentary that I was in when I was 15 because it featured a dance I choreographed in memory of my little sister to the song View From Heaven, I just wanted them to have a copy.

Met an AWESOME band Mighty Mongo who were just awesome to talk to and very down to earth. They apparently liked Em and me too because they kept cutting us deals on their merch. Lindsay and Alex also totally encouraged me about my movie idea, which means a lot to me. I think I’ve decided they remind me of OAR with a girl and more edge. As a Marylander, that is a huge compliment. I would have loved to see them live but we just kind of happened upon their tent late in the day.

The last band I saw… couldn’t have been more perfect. My boys. We The Kings. Every time I see them I fall more in love with them. They put on such an amazing show. Crowd surfed to them and even though a couple times I ALMOST hit the ground, I never did. Symbolism or something.But Travis was lie, “do what you need to do to be in our video!” so I had to. There was a very strange/ friendly circle pit during most of their set where a bunch of boys just ran at each other and chest bumped and hugged? I sort of wanted to join in but Em smacked me. Some silly thing went down during Check Yes, Juliet. I’ll tell you if you ask me. Maybe.

Said goodbye to GBC, one last hug from Jonnie and Dirk. Actually made it out before the traffic. Went home smiling and smelling like a foot.

Audios, Warped. Until next year. Thank you for existing because, to quote Travis, “music is the only thing left in the world that’s not fucked up.”



This Year’s Lineup

27 Jun

I make friends literally every time I’m in hot topic, although there is this one crazy guy who always tries to get my to buy Reptar underwear. But no like EVERY SINGLE TIME. And it’s interesting because I actually worked at Hollister for a hot sec so you wouldn’t think the Hot Topic kids would like me. But they do because it seems like Hot Topic hires genuinely nice kids.

So the last time I was in there I met this adorable little girl named Margaret and we ended up talking for like 20 mins. (I learned a fun fact- every one who works at Hot Topic tries to take off for the day of Warped Tour and it’s like a battle because they can’t do that and obv. someone has to work. First world problems.) Anyway she told me the lineup was leaked. And I was like “whhaaaa!?” and then she told me who was on it. I’m not afraid to admit that I shed a little tear because I was so excited but we were both screaming and jumping and the only people in the store so it didn’t matter.

So here’s who from the lineup I am very excited about:

1. All Time Low (now,I’ve seen them before but literally in a church basement and I don’t remember how that was at all so for all intents and purposes this will be my first time seeing them)

2. Bayside

3. Lostprophets

4. Mayday Parade

5. New Found Glory (whatup first warped tour)

6. WE THE KINGS (this will be my 6th time seeing them)

7. Yellowcard (will always hold a very special place in my heart. I choreographed two dances to their songs and, again, first Warped Tour. This will be at least my 5th time seeing them).

You know what I’ve realized though? I think I’m actually MORE excited to see Groundbreaking Ceremony than I am to see WTK. (Gasp, right? Coming from me? And as I’ve said on twitter one of my tattoos is actually something Travis wrote for me so that’s a big thing to say.) I’ve seen WTK. I know they’re awesome, several times over. But I’ve only ever met and had a brief convo with Jonnie. I know they’re awesome too, I have all their stuff. But I’m really excited to see them live, meet the rest of the band. Check out their facebook and learn their songs before your stop on the tour.

I literally get butterflies when I think about Warped Tour. I know some of you people do too, so I have one last thing to say. That band you meet that you’ve never heard of? Listen to them. Be nice to them. They could end up being one of your favorites.

Band Boys are People Too & Why I Hate Children & Also Starland Ballroom

21 Jun

I’m an idiot.
I have neglected my poor little baby of a website for far too long and even skipped writing about my last We The Kings concert, which is particularly heinous since they’re supposed to be my favorite band. However, instead of reviewing it, I’m just going to tell you everything I didn’t like about that night because I’m stressed and feeling nasty and it will give me a chance to segue into another topic that I am passionate about.

So, February, I drove my PT Cruiser back up to my second home, New Jersey, to see Anarbor, The Downtown Fiction, We The Kings, and Mayday Parade. I have just recently fallen in love with Mayday, so YAY awesome combo. The show was at Starland Ballroom. I may get some flack for saying this because Jersey people are nuts (love ya betchesssss) but I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. The parking was bizarre, the people were rude… everything was just BAD. And I love most venues I go to (see this post).

So first off, I get out of the car and it’s like 40 degrees. As much as I love my Travis, his King Travis hoodie was doing nothing. Freezing. The reason I was there so early is because I did VIP passes again. Totally worth it, again. So I’m like the third in line and in front of me are these ADORABLE sisters… and a psycho. Legit. And I’m all for road tripping to see your favorite band but homegirl had dragged her mommy to three states in 3 days and was planning another trip the following Monday. You’re like 15, why aren’t you in school? And mommy was toothless. It was bizarre. Judge me. The sisters and I got along really well and chatted and little psycho tried to tell me how concerts worked. Ok honeybuns, do not try to tell me how concerts work. I AM CONCERT CAROLINE (buh bye). And we’re in line for what seems like forevs. (Meanwhile there are a bunch of 13 year olds in a Barbie tent drinking Andre, but I digress). The lady from the venue comes out and is like, “we’ll let you in but we didn’t plan well so you have to come back out after you meet the band.” Excuse me, what?

Now, at the last VIP I went to they let us in. We stayed in. We got amazing spots. I was not happy. But I was going to see my boys so I let it slide. Sort of. I’m still getting mad thinking about it. So we get in and OH MY GOSH HOW DID I FORGET THIS PART! In walks WTK and I start crying. Because I have this gift for Travis, and a letter, and I ask him to write my favorite quote on a piece of paper for me so I can get it tattooed. I’m shaking by this point. He calls me a beautiful person and does it. I really do love them for how sweet they are to their fans. But then it’s midnight and Cindercaro gets turned back into a freezing pumpkin and sent outside.

The Mayday VIPS go in. And stay in. WHAT? How is that fair? When we’re finally about to be let in again, Crazy’s mom in all her toothless glory is saying that her daughter gets to go in first. I got all Jersey sass on her toothless face and said, “No. These girls were in front of your daughter, then your daughter, then me.” It actually wasn’t even so sassy until some little brats tried to butt me. Not going to happen, darlin’ not on this planet.

Mad rush once we get in and magically, I make it to the front again. I was only up their for Anarbor though because I got tired of hipchecking 12 year olds who were pushing me and screaming “MOVE YOU UGLY LITTLE MEATBALL!” Plus my friend Erin got there. But I could not get out of this crowd. They were hostile. I resorted to screaming, “I’M GOING TO BARF!” and the crowd moved. I didn’t like anyone’s attitude, and the interior of Starland was not conducive to a concert like this. For what it’s worth, it was really cool to see Anarbor that close.  Anarbor

I just couldn’t take that crowd. And I never, ever say stuff like that. It was very strange how negative I was feeling. Downtown Fiction was catchy and adorable. Duh. We The Kings- alright so Danny played with one arm because his other arm was broken, and Charles was in the hospital. And they still played. Because they rule. LOVE THEM. Crowd surfed to Check Yes Juliet. Not that it was easy to get up because nobody was friendly, but I did it! But by the time they were done, Erin and I were so over the little girls (and the random hipsters in front of us) we ended up only staying for one Mayday song. Luckily, it was When You See My Friends, which is my favey fave of their’s and I’m so sad it’s not on their Warped set list.

I said goodbye to Erin in the rain and noticed out of the corner of my eye a tour bus. And people outside of the tour bus. I scampered off into the night and discovered Danny and the King’s Carriage. He said the other guys might be out in a little bit and answered my burning question of “Why don’t you guys ever play In-N-Out Animal Style?” Apparently the crowd wouldn’t get into it. Oh well. So I decide to stick around to see if Travis will come out so I could thank him for my tattoo and witnessed some of the most disgusting behavior… I’m about to make a list because it still infuriates me to this day. One-Armed Drummer

1. Their tour bus is their home on the road. How would you feel if strangers got on their friend’s shoulders and looked into YOUR home’s windows?

2. Asking to see Travis/ Hunter/ Jesus/ IDGAF stop being rude because he’s your favorite? Really? REALLY?!

3. Pounding on the bus doors? I’m sure they’ll let you in.

4. If you’re going to sing outside the bus at the top of your lungs a) don’t b) KNOW THE WORDS TO THE SONGS.

I think that hits all the main points. But honestly, I will NEVER go back to that venue because of how badly it was set up and how nasty the creatures in attendance were. Sorry, I’m not sorry if you were one of them- unless you were one of the like 5 girls I bonded with.

But this brings me to a new point (rant). WTAF is going on in the heads of teens, tweens, etc? I recently discovered the foul and ignorant MandaSwaggie on twitter. I keep thinking that it has to be a joke what she says. I am mortified to be of the same species as her. In case you haven’t clicked that link (you should, it’s entertaining) she’s a 13 year old who is obsessed with Justin Bieber to the point of being creepy and also homicidal. I must admit, at that age, I was madly in love with Dream Street. I legit thought I was going to marry Chris. However, I never claimed him to be God. I never said I’d kill my family for him. I NEVER SAID I WAS GLAD THAT KURT COBAIN DIED. As a human, I could never say something so dumb about another human being. I also think that she legit thinks that Biebs was copied by Michael Jackson.

In conclusion:

1. Don’t be rude at concerts. I will hipcheck you.

2. Starland is not a great venue.

3. Remember that your favorite celebs are humans and respect their space.

4. I don’t care how old you are, do not be that crazy girl that people are talking about when they talk about other 12 year olds.


Sorry I was ranty.

No… I’m not.

Love, Caroline


Warped Tour Pit Reporter Application Essay!

8 Nov

Let me know what you think!

I will never forget my first Warped Tour. I went with my best friend since elementary school. I remember her saying to me, “this will not be like any of the other concerts you have ever been to.” She was right: Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter- they were all manufactured to be perfect. Warped Tour is not about perfection. It’s about getting sweaty and dirty and loving everyone who is there getting sweaty and dirty with you. I left my first Warped Tour with bruises, memories, and a shirt signed by Loser’s Luck, which I still have today.

I don’t think that Joanne realized what a pivotal moment in my life she created simply by bringing me along that day. I fell in love. Concerts became not just something cool to go to but a source of light for me. I know it sounds incredibly corny but when I hear music live, I can physically feel it pounding in my heart. My closest friends have given me the nickname “Concert Caroline” because when I’m there, I’m transformed. This past year, walking into Warped Tour, I said out loud, not even realizing it, “I’m home.”

I decided somewhere in my junior year of college how to combine my love of music, concerts, and journalism. I want to make a documentary about Warped Tour, following one band and featuring others as they travel across the country. This past year, I even took my resume to Warped Tour, hoping to connect with the right people. I actually got to meet Kevin Lyman! And Nathan Ryan recognized my name and had seen my website! What really inspired me this year though happened after I actually went to the Maryland stop on the tour.

As I was getting ready to leave, I met Jonnie from The Groundbreaking Ceremony. He was really nice and I had a good feeling about him. We traded info and I went on my way. That night, their bus died. Did they stop? No. They got a van. The van exploded. With them in it. Did they stop? No. If they could continue the tour after almost dying, there is absolutely no reason for me to stop trying to achieve my goal of documenting the tour. It will happen some day for me. This is just one way for me to try and make it happen.

On the technical side of things, I studied Communication TV/ Radio in college, graduating with honors. I know social media inside and out, and have worked in Final Cut, Protools, and imovie. I work hard and am willing to learn anything thrown my way. I was sorority president, recruitment chair, and PR chair and have no fear of meeting new people. I’m a weird combo of Elle Woods and Avril Lavigne- spunky with a little bit of a dark side. I think I’m exactly what you want, and being the pit reporter for 2012 would mean the world to me.

ARTTM/ Plain White T’s/ NSN Concert Review

20 Oct

Last night was one of the best nights everrr! I went to the Electric Factory in Philly to see one of my all-time favorite bands, A Rocket To The Moon, but everything was just so perfect I couldn’t have planned it better.

When I bought the tickets, I went through ArtistArena and got the VIP package to meet ARTTM before the show. I had work yesterday so I was literally RUNNING through the streets of Philly from the parking lot to make sure I got in on time. In the rain, by myself, having never been to the venue. It reminded me a lot of 9:30 Club but in a much better area. So anyway, I get there, and I know this is awful but I was in full judge mode. I literally think I was the oldest person there. I ended up making two little friends- sisters who were 11 and 15 who were just as judgy as me though so it’s fine. The girl at the door FINALLY gets the VIP list and has us come in from the rain. When we go in, I see the guys from ARTTM and my heart stops. And luckily, or I would have been devastated, they are SO nice! I only got to talk to them for a hot second because that’s just how this thing was set up. But honestly, the VIP entry was worth the amazing spot we had for the whole show. If I had been closer, I would have been on the stage. And because we were all the way to the right, I actually got pushed off and almost in front of the barricade.

The first two bands I have never heard of and I feel awful but I still don’t know the name of the first one. They were a little country but with great energy and great opener. The second band, Fake Problems, was FANTASTIC. And the lead singer was adorable. We kept referring to him as Angel Face. But again, very high energy and got the crowd really pumped up.

A Rocket To The Moon did not dissapoint. They were as awesome as I thought they would be and more. The one littler girl I was with (Vicky or Nikki or something I’m not sure it was loud) fell in love with Eric so she spent most of the time SCREAMING Eric and trying to get him to notice her which was cute. When they played “Dakota” I WENT INSANE!  INSANEEE! Like shrieked and fangirled and screamed the lyrics at the top of my lungs. I got the same feeling I get whenever I hear “Check Yes Juliet” live. I didn’t cry when I heard “Like We Used To” but I think it was because I was just so happy. The also did a cover of “Free Falling” which was a lot better than most covers of “Free Falling” as in, it actually sounded good. Also, side note, Angel Face made some comment about how the guys of ARTTM were the most fashion forward guys ever. Yup.

Plain White T’s was there also, which was an incredible surprise because I thought they were starting the tour the next night, in my state, and that I’d be missing them. I was, at one point, a huge PWT fan, and they did a few songs that I knew very well. I didn’t know their newer stuff, but again, they did not disappoint. I thought it was a little strange that they ended with “Hate, I Really Don’t Like You” but it is a high energy song that I LOVE, so I’ll let it slide that they sang it and then told Philly how much they loved us. Due to our amazing spot, I actually got to high five them as they came out from back stage. SHWINGGGG!

NeverShoutNever (Christopher Drew)… he was really… something. I just recently started listening to him. The kid is strange.  He puts on quite a show, though, and his songs are hypnotizing. I liked how his band was constantly rotating what instruments they were playing. I also loved how he wasn’t wearing shoes, a la We The Kings styley. I found it a little offputting that he kept making drug references when most of the audience was probably under 15. Like, if I was there with my kid I’d want to be like, “Um? Ecstasy? Totes inappropes. Getting fucked up underage and talking to your underage fans about it? Also totes inappropes.” But the show really was good and he sounds exactly like he does in his videos, which is something I always respect when seeing an artist for the first time. I felt OLD though. Like what our parents parent were probably thinking when they started listening to Queen. Kind of “I don’t get these crazy kids and their music it makes no sense.” Then, his last song, he ended by wrapping himself in the mic chord, lying on the ground, and laughing. It was weird. But I’ll tell you what, I’d see him again!


It was just an amazing night all around, and ended with Nick Santino giving me a hug. Can’t beat that.